How to Choose an Ideal Trampoline for Adults?

If you think trampolines are just for kids, you are wrong. Many studies show that we can burn up to 510 calories by using this product for an hour-long workout.

In addition, it also allows for improved distribution of vitamins and minerals through jumping. But it is essential to choose a suitable adult model.

So, let’s take a look at how to choose a trampoline for adults!

How to Choose an Ideal Trampoline for Adults?

For the inexperienced, it will be challenging to choose the best model among the many choices available out there. Hence, we give you this guide to make things easier for you.


Ideal Trampoline for Adults

Circular-shaped trampoline.

It is best to buy circular models, which can better balance distribution. Moreover, these trampolines are also a lot cheaper than their square counterpart. Besides, they come with a more extensive bounce area.

But rectangular models are the preferred choice by professionals. So, if you intend to do complex movements, you should try these patterns.

Maximum Weight Limit

Mini trampolines should withstand a maximum weight of 250 to 275 pounds. Therefore, you should not choose any model below that level. Ideally, choose a model with a maximum weight limit of 300 to 500 pounds.

Safety Features

You should buy a model that comes with safety features, such as:

  • Gap-free net enclosures
  • Rustproof springs
  • Protective pads for the springs
  • Galvanized steel or sturdy stainless steel body

Springs and Frame

Most trampolines feature stainless steel frames, which are highly durable. So, it is wise to purchase a galvanized or powder-coated metal model, which can withstand inclement weather.

Ideally, your model should be stainless steel and come with rustproof paint.


If you need to move the trampoline often, it is best to pick one folded. This product gives you a significant advantage if you live in a small apartment. Full-size models are typically not foldable.

Bounce Area Diameter

If you use your mini model for training, its bounce area diameter should be 40 inches. Any model with a larger diameter than that will work well for you.

If you want a full-sized trampoline, you should choose a model at least 6 feet in diameter.


Currently, there are many famous manufacturers in the production of trampolines for adults and other age groups. Here are some of the most popular brands:

  • Zupapa Trampoline
  • Springfree Trampoline
  • Propel Trampoline
  • Skywalker Trampoline
  • Sportspower Trampoline
  • Urban Rebounder
  • Acon Trampoline
  • Bounce Pro Trampoline
  • Jumpking Trampoline
  • And more

What Extra Features Should You Expect in Adult Trampolines?

In addition to considering the above factors, you should also choose models that come with the following additional features:

Handle Bar

If you intend to buy trampolines for the elderly, consider buying one that has handlebars. Thanks to that, the elderly can jump without falling over. In addition, if your child wants to jump, they can cling to the handlebars as a safe solution.

Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee

You can expect an expensive product to last a long time. However, choosing products with a good refund or warranty policy is wise. It gives you an excellent guarantee.

UV Radiation Protected

If you plan to place your product outdoors, consider products that come with UV protection. As a result, they can maintain their best condition for a long time.

8 Benefits of Trampolines

Ideal Trampoline for Adults

Why should you own this product?

Improve the Endurance of Leg Muscles

It allows you to have strong leg muscles like a professional basketball player. The device is also said to help increase bone density, which decreases as you age. You will also strengthen the major muscle groups, ankles, knees, and hips.

Improve Posture & Balance

According to a study conducted by the University of Northern Parana, twelve weeks of adherence to rebound exercises improved balance in older women. Therefore, you should have your young children do rebounding exercises to have good posture from an early age.

More Robust Lung and Heart Muscles

Many of us spend most of our day working in front of a computer screen to keep up with our work demands. Due to that, our body is less active, making us tired after just walking a few stairs.

Rebounds are among the best cardio exercises, allowing your lungs and heart to work at their total capacity.

Lymphatic Detoxification

When you’re active on your trampoline, the lymphatic fluid in your lymphatic system can push any toxins present in your blood out as a result. They are then eliminated through your urinary system.

More Effective Than Walking or Jogging

As mentioned above, jumping on trampolines allows you to burn 510 calories per hour. Meanwhile, you can only burn about 460 calories when jogging for an hour.

Stress Buster

Are you stressed or bored because of the pressure at work? Ten minutes of jumping will work for you. The rebounds exercises will make you a lot happier.

Outdoor Activities

Ideal Trampoline for Adults

You will have fun moments with your kids.

If your child is spending too much time on their smartphone, tablet, or television, you should buy this product now.

Guaranteed, they will love it and will play on it for hours. They can even invite their friends to throw a funky summer party in your backyard.


Working together on the trampoline can bring members together. You and your co-workers can bounce on it during breaks, and it will bring you and them closer together, resulting in greater work efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Trampolines can be a source of outdoor entertainment for every family member. In addition, you can get many physical benefits through dancing.

If you are one of those people who are not excited about running or working out, you can both exercise and have a lot of fun while jumping on this exciting device.

What’s more, your kids can also join you, making you and them have memorable moments. Thank you for taking the time to read the post!

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